Subtask D: Develop Guidance for Net Zero Energy Master Planning

Subtask D will establish the concept and a methodology of Energy Master Planning process as a part of Community Planning. It will describe the input data required to conduct EMPs and their sources; will outline the EMP process and its algorithm; and will provide a description of its phases, e.g., benchmarking, baselining, scenarios to be considered, their analysis, comparison, and selection principles. The subtask will also include dissemination and training needed for the EMP.

Energy -related goals and other “core values” that will be established in Subtask A will provide a framework for the EMP for the community with agreed boundaries. Figure 4 shows the major steps in the EMP process, which is described in the IEA Annex 51 Report and in “Energy Master Planning Towards Net Zero Energy Communities/Campuses” (Zhivov et al. 2015).

The Subtask D working process will be closely aligned with Subtasks B and C with regards to methodology; with Subtask A with regards to best practice experience, benchmarks, and important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); and with Subtasks E and F with regards to application and implementation mechanisms.

Subtask D deliverables. Subtask D will result in a formalized Guidance for Net Zero Energy Resilient Community Master Planning that can be adapted to specifics of participating countries and public agencies by makers and master planners.

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