All Subtasks will provide material for the final Annex product, which will include, but will not be limited to:

  • A “Guide for NZE planning in public and military building communities”
  • Enhanced Net Zero Planner Tool (NZP Tool)
  • A Book of Case Studies (Examples of Energy Master Plans)
  • Results of several realized or partially realized Projects.

To ensure that barriers to adoption of the results will be overcome and the results will be of lasting value, the following steps are carried out:

  • Information dissemination concept: The dissemination of the project results will focus on decision makers, community planners and energy managers, energy performance companies (EPC/ESCO), and industry partners, all of whom will be actively involved in the development of the Annex results.
  • Methods of information dissemination will include public presentations, articles, and a project website. Publications may be written in English or in the languages of the participants’ countries. Workshops will be organized in participating countries to showcase the latest project results and to provide an exchange platform for the target audience (notably decision makers, community planners, energy managers, designers, and ESCOs).
  • Materials: Workshop materials will be published on the website. The number of downloads from the project website will be counted to measure the success of the developed toolkit and Guidelines.
  • Training partners for buildings owners: The lasting value of the results will also be provided by local support capacities. Decision makers will be in need for local support in the preparation of the implementation of the new business models. To ensure that authentic information is allocable, training seminars will be provided for existing local networks of energy consultants, designers, and architects.

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