About the IEA EBC research platform

  • The IEA EBC offers an international research platform which allows all IEA EBC member countries from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, many European countries to actively participate in research activities in the context of energy efficient buildings and neighborhoods; the IEA EBC is steered by an executive committee with representatives of the member countries
  • The application process is carried out in at least two steps until it reaches the level of a project: draft proposal, which may be recommended to prepare a full proposal. The full proposal will contain a detailed work plan and work packages. After final approval by the executive committee the project starts as an “IEA- Annex 7x” with a duration of 3- 4 years. This “draft proposal” has passed the frist assessment by the executive committee and is now in the preparation phase. The submission of the proposal and the communication with the participating countries, the work package leaders and the executive committee will be the task of the “Operating Agents” which are leading the project.   
  • The project funding must be provided by each participating country. In most of the cases the participating country sets up a national working group of experts, and a work plan with the same working packages as the IEA EBC Annex 7x has. Working meetings will take place twice a year.
  • Overall the IEA EBC provides a well working high- level global research platform which allows the fruitful interaction with leading research specialists on the field of energy efficiency in buildings and communities.
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