Participation in this Annex requires a minimum effort of 18 person-months per country.
Each Participant’s country is required to participate in Subtasks A, B, C, D, E and F.

Participation may partly involve funding already allocated to a national activity that falls substantially within the scope of work to be performed under this Annex.

Aside from providing the resources required for performing the work of the Subtasks in which they are participating, all Participants are required to commit the resources necessary for activities that are specifically collaborative in nature and would not be part of a national program;
for example, establishing common monitoring procedures, preparing for and participating in Annex meetings, coordinating with Subtask participants, and contributing to documentation and information dissemination.
These activities are estimated to require at least 50% of the total required level of effort for participation in Subtasks.

The annual meetings shall be hosted in turn by the several Participants. The costs of organizing and hosting meetings shall be borne by the host Participant. Each Participant will bear his/her own costs to travel to the expert meetings. Attendance at expert meetings is mandatory.

The cost of publishing the reports and summary assessments described in Paragraph 4 in Organisation shall be met by the Operating Agent.

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