Operating Agents

The Annex is operated by two co-Operating Agents. To reduce risks and improve the quality of deliverables, each of Subtasks A, B, C, D, E, and F will be co-managed by two co-Leaders.

Subtasks Co-Leaders

The co-Leaders of Subtasks A, B, C, D, E, and F will be responsible for the quality and the management of the work to be performed under their Subtasks. They will:

  • Coordinate the work performed under the Subtask
  • Assist the Operating Agent in preparing the detailed program of work (including the budget)
  • Assist in the coordination of the Annex and advise the Operating Agent on the performance of the Annex
  • Provide semi-annual status reports on progress and results to the Operating Agent and other participants
  • Convene and lead Subtask meetings, as required Prepare, edit, and organize the publication of technical reports resulting from the Subtask.

The Operating Agents for the Annex are: Dr. Alexander Zhivov (US Army ERDC, the United States) and Mr. Rüdiger Lohse (KEA, Germany).

The Subtask Leaders and Co- Leaders are:


Subtask A:

Scott Bucking (Carleton University, Canada), Robert Jeffers (Sandia National Laboratories, USA), and Terry Sharp (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA)

Subtask B:

Anna- Maria Fulterer / Ingo Leusbrock (AEE, Austria) and Mike Case (ERDC, USA)

Subtask C:

Anders Dyrelund (Ramboll, Denmark), tbd.

Subtask D:

Ursula Eicker (Germany) and Alexander Zhivov (ERDC, USA)

Subtask E

Peter Ellis (Big Ladder, USA) and Ursula Eicker (HFT-Stuttgart, Germany)

Subtask F

Rüdiger Lohse (KEA, Germany), Matthias Haase (SINTEF, Norway)


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